Cello and Violin Lessons

Hartford, CT        |        Amherst, MA

Listening to the music, playing the music, and participating in it however it is possible, helps us to live. The benefits of brain development in children studying an instrument, especially the violin, have been well researched and proved. The most important goal in my teaching is helping to listen and hear. A relaxed and comfortable posture holding the violin and the bow are the most important tools that I want to give my students that will serve them for life. I emphasize the physical comfort and pleasure of playing the instrument. The method will depend on individual needs and capacities.

Coming from the “old” Eastern European violin school, heightened by studying with Henryk Szeryng and Roman Totenberg, concertizing all my life, and never ceasing to search for the best technical solutions, I would like, of course, to share and pass my musical experience onto the future violin virtuosos. However, concert violinist’s life becomes more and more difficult nowadays, and often, even very talented young violinist decide not to take this path. Helping the young or adults incorporate music into their life by studying violin is a wonderful task, and any level of achievement has a great value. I am open to teaching all ages and all levels, including beginners.

Teaching style